Even though COVID-19 has flipped the world upside down, it has definitely given us an opportunity to experience things in a different way. Working from home is one of those things. Below are some of the things you can use to adapt to this new routine.

Declutter your surroundings

According to scientists at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute,

the more cluttered our physical and digital environments are, the more energy the brain needs to spend on the filtering process to maintain focus on task at hand.

If there is less clutter, more mental energy is available for productive matters.

Make sure to clean your room and make your bed before starting to work. Having lesser browser tabs open helps clean your digital workspace and helps to bring greater focus, but it is a subjective thing depending on the type of work you do.

Strict time frame for work

My high school teacher once gave a great tip for preparation of a college entrance exam. He told us to give a sample test everyday during the same time our main exam is supposed to happen. He said:

Just like we feel hungry and eat during the same time of day by habit, doing so will train our brain to be active and in desired mode on the same time everyday.

I'm 27 now and I'm still following this mantra.
Having a strict time frame  allows you to achieve a great work life balance, where you can be fully focussed at work during the time at work and not think about it after the work time is over.

Schedule time for Exercise

Exercise is important to keep the brain sane and fresh. Scheduling them after work gives creates a clear boundary between the end of work day and start of personal life. If you have difficulty stopping work when home, schedule a workout session with family or friends. This works as an external clock and helps you stop working at a specific time.

Comfortable and Dedicated workspace

I was initially struggling from neck issues during my Work From Home time. Changing places to get a more comfortable position was also not good for my focus.

The moment I switched to a table, monitor and a comfortable chair, the whole experience changed. My neck got better soon and sitting at a dedicated space helped me get  into a productive phase of mind faster.

If you can't have a dedicated workspace, changing into work clothes can also help trigger that brain switch to be in work mode.

However, do not work from your bed. Your mind is trained to be lazy and resting when you're on bed, hence it's hard to focus for a longer time when you're on bed.

Schedule time for breaks

Research has shown that brief naps of 10-15 minutes can significantly improve alertness, cognitive performance and mood almost immediately after waking.

In pre COVID-19 times, when I was commuting to work, due to absence of sleeping space at my  work, I always found that the last 1-2 hours of my work day go very unproductive due of  tiredness after long working hours. Having afternoon naps have helped me regain some energy to be more efficient for the rest of my work day.

If you're not a nap person, it still makes sense to schedule some time for breaks. Give time to your brain to refresh and relax.

Be Virtually Connected to colleagues

Have virtual coffee /small talk breaks with your colleagues. It's easy to miss out on information when you're only talking to your colleagues for pre scheduled, work oriented meetings. Also, team building goes for a toss if you are not regularly talking to your colleagues outside work. Hence it's important to stay connected.

Working from home has definitely given us a chance to have a better personal life. Feeling lesser tiredness, having more time and energy to do personal things, doing remote workouts with friends are some of the perks you can enjoy thanks to this.

However, don't be too hard on yourself, if you are not able to adapt to home office easily. It is a big transition and will need some time to get used to. Have confidence to know that you will get through this first stage and find success sooner than you think. Also stay safe....

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