I'm gonna walk you through the story of Chris, short for Christopher Nohgut. You can guess why he likes his short name. Anyways Chris was good with numbers. He graduated college but couldn't find a job. One year he struggled to find a decent job. Two months he worked at some  marketing company, ended up resigning because he felt mentally drained and exploited by his boss. Look at his guts now!

Cherry on top was that he had  relatives, who would make his life miserable unless he has a job. But Chris had one thing going right. He managed to make some amazing friends at College who happened to be working in tech industry as Software Engineers. Chris finally landed a job as a Software Engineer in a startup. One day, I being that amazing friend in tech, asked Chris what would be his advice for people to get a job in IT, he came up with these interesting points.

Focus on frontend development as entry point in tech

If you're someone who doesn't have a degree in Computer Science or IT field, frontend is a great entry point because of great demand and easy interviews. Backend interviews are harder and you need to have in depth knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms. Once you're inside a company, it is easy to switch to backend if you want to.

For frontend, it is worth knowing basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Get a certification Online

For those who don't have a degree in a tech related field, getting a certification online is worth considering. It gives you something credible to put in your resume.

I personally recommend learning Javascript  as it can be used in the frontend and backend. This will also give you more options while applying for jobs.

Learn Data Structure and Algorithms

Data Structure and Algorithms are part of many coding interviews. No one expects you to have in-depth knowledge of data structures if you tell them that you haven't studied Computer Science. But it increases your chances if you know them. Also problem solving skills is something most coding interviews are judging for, so

practice a lot of coding problems.

Apply in Startups

As an outsider, it can be a little tough to get a job in bigger companies unless you're a genius.

There are a lot of startups and they are also open to hire diverse people.

Also, be open to applying for internship roles too, as it is also a good entry point in the tech industry.

Chris now has 5 years of experience and is still working in IT. Looks like he loves the field and his job finally. Tech is by no means an unattainable possibility — even without a formal education, it is possible to bootstrap your way to a fulfilling career. And according to the numbers, plenty of opportunities await you.

Happy Job Hunting ...