You might have heard from our posts and other sources everywhere else that in order to get recruiter's attention, you have to tailor your resume according to the job requirements.

While this may sound like the logical way to go,  it's really time consuming and intimidating. Are you thinking something like this?

I've already spent enough time to create one perfect resume and now I have to tailor my resume for every job application ?

Fortunately it is easy to do with our resume builder tool. Below we will guide you about the fields you should customise and how you can do so.

As a first step, fill the information for your resume as you would normally do here.

Now before applying for a job, pay attention to following points.

Professional Summary or Objective Statement

The summary/ objective section of your resume is often your first chance to capture the attention of the recruiter,

says Ann Vu, Career Specialist at Ama la Vida — so make sure it matches what they’re looking for.

This is also a great place to hint at why you’re a good cultural fit. If the company you’re applying to is focused on giving back to the community, for example, you could add a line about how you’re motivated by making a difference in the world.

Honours/ awards and accomplishments

It is the most important part of your resume because it provides examples of the work that you have done in the past, helping the reader believe that you are capable of succeeding in these ways as a part of their company,

Vu says.

For example, “if you are applying for a sales representative role [at one company], you will need to focus on revenue growth, sales results and business development” in your bullet points, says Wendi Weiner, Resume Writer and Career Transition Coach. “However, if you are applying for a sales management role [at a different company], your focus is going to need to hinge on your leadership value — managing teams, leading the business decisions and making business judgment calls.”

When adding these accomplishments, keep in mind that “the order of how these are listed is also taken into account,” Vu advises. “Prioritize more relevant/impressive tasks towards the top.”

You can do so easily by selecting/ deselecting or in increasing/decreasing your fields in priority.

Skills and Strengths

When identifying the most critical skills present in the job listing, make sure to

pay close attention to the exact words used in the job description and use the same words to refer to what you did,

Meneghello says. You need to do this for two reasons:

1.  If the company you are applying to uses software to scan your resume, they will be matching the keywords they use
2.  They might have strong opinions on using one term instead of others and consider your use of different words as a sign of less competency.”

Layout and Style

Having a custom design and layout can be helpful for resumes in creative fields. Vu says

Applying for a startup or more creative positions would invite a resume style that showcases your personality, whereas a more conservative company would be more receptive to a standard resume. Do research to learn enough about the company to know what style is most strategic.

You can choose available colours and fonts relevant to the the industry you apply for . You can also use your own custom colours and fonts if you want to be more creative.

Order of Your Work History

This tip won’t apply to everybody, but to folks in a particular set of circumstances, rearranging the order of their work history can give their resume a real boost. For example, if you’ve had both human resources and marketing positions and are applying to roles in both fields, you’ll want to make sure that your most relevant positions are highlighted first rather than your most recent ones.

You can do so using similar tools described in Honours/ awards and accomplishments section.

Remember,  job search is all about quality, not quantity. If you send a customised resume to five different employers, your odds are almost certainly better than if you sent out a generic resume to ten.

Happy Job Hunting...