Are you a high school or college student looking for a part time job? Or did you just graduate and want to work full time now? Or  for some reason,  you never worked before, and are looking for a job now. Writing a resume with no experience can be a daunting task, however don't be discouraged when you see work experience section of the resume. You can still write a great resume by focussing on your skill sets, education, certifications and other informal experiences.

Below is a resume example for a student with no work experience:

Resume with no work experience example.
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Resume example for a student with no experience (Text Version)

I envisage a career in tech in future. I believe in sincere devotion in any task undertaken and try to constantly learn from every such task. Having done courses like C++, Java and a major project in Bioinformatics, I realised how powerful being a software engineer can be. So I wish to further improve my skills in this field and looking for a company in healthcare where I can join my love for Software Engineering and education in Biotechnology to full potential.

Punjab University
Biophysics Department
(May 2017 - July 2017)

* Worked on CYS molecule using Gaussian Software for computing energies, geometries, vibrational
frequencies, transition states, reaction paths, excited states and various properties based on
uncorrelated and correlated wave functions. 
* Worked on extraction of liver proteins by various techniques like homogenisation, cold and ultra
centrifugation, UV Spectroscopy etc.
IIT Roorkee
(March 2018 - December 2018)

Worked on dehydrogenase enzyme in sphingomonas (CHY-1). The templates for this protein was done and structure prediction was done. The ligands attached to the active sites of this protein was determined. The related substrates on the enzyme were also determined.

Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
B.Tech. in Biotechnology
(June 2016 - June 2020)

Joint Secretary, Himalayan Explorer's Club
2019 - Present
Appointed as JOINT SECRETARY of Himalayan Explorers'
Club. HEC is responsible for organising various events such
as treks, rafting, rock climbing, paragliding. Around 500
students participate in all these events held throughout the
year. Has been the leader and organiser of many treks and

Member, Taekwondo Team
2018 - Present
GOLD medalist in breaking, bronze medalist in taegeuks
(Single and Pair ) at Udghosh (Sports Festival of IIT Kanpur).
Played Inter IITs and sports festivals of different IITs.
Awarded as BEST TAEKWONDO ATHLETE (among girls) by
IIT director.

3rd Position, Annual Cycle Race, IIT Roorkee
Got 3rd rank in annual cycle race organised in IIT.

National Services Scheme
Participated in various activities like helping underprivileged
children in education, fund collection for earthquake victims,
blood donation camps and initiated bi-annual drive of
newspaper recycling.

Excellence Award, IIT Roorkee
Recieved Excellence Award which is awarded to only one
student in department for academics, sports and extracurricular brilliance.

AutoCAD Bioinformatics Softwares
Abode Photoshop CS3

* English
* German
* Hindi

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Here are some tips:

Make use of objective section

When you've no experience, it is important to give the most out of your resume and your objective section is the first place to start with. It should be personalised to the job you're applying for. Mention your specific skillset which has helped you previously through examples and how it can be used in the current job you're applying for. For example, if you're applying for a supervisor job, and you help your father in running daily agricultural errands, you can write something like this.

Having helped my father on the farm has given me a great skillset  for organising and managing people, which will help me to be a good supervisor.


It is important to highlight your grades if they are good. Also mention the courses you took if they are relevant to the job. For example, if you're applying for IT job, it's worth mentioning the language courses like C++, Java, Mathematical modelling etc. If you don't have relevant courses, your Educational Qualification, Institution, year and GPA is enough.

Internship Information

If you have worked on internships during summer breaks or after graduating, include the experience in a separate section. The format should be similar to a work experience section with Organisation, dates and optionally type of work done as headings and sub headings.


If you have just graduated college or are in high school, mention the projects you worked on. This section acts similar to work experience section in normal resumes if have haven't done any internships. Highlight if you were the team lead of your project or any other special accomplishments. An example, if you graduated in Biotechnology, the project description could be something like this.

Worked with a team of 5 members design a drug against Leishmania parasite, which is responsible for malfunctions ranging from simple cutaneous lesions to the usually fatal visceral diseases. Used Bioinformatics softwares and certain wet lab techniques and coordinated efforts between the team members.


List the skills with priority according to the level of expertise. Mention hard skills like computer languages  or software packages and also soft skills like organisation, management etc.

Awards And Achievements

This is where you can mention any academic and extra curricular achievements.
This is a place where you can specify if you had an extra ordinary rank in an exam, received an award, won a cycle race etc. When mentioning the achievement or award, make sure to describe in a line what it actually means. For example,

Excellence Award, IIT Roorkee (2012)
Received Excellence Award which is awarded to only one student in department for academics, sports and extra-curricular brilliance.

Proofread your resume

It might seem like a rhetoric point, but it is one of the most common mistake people make and is easy to fix. Markdown format of already detects spelling errors, but there is always a possibility that words like their and there or you're and your are used interchangeably. Also manually check for dates, formatting etc.

Tailor according to job requirements

To increase your chances of getting shortlisted, specially when you have no work experience, it is important that you customise it according to the job requirements.
You can refer here to see what can be tailored and how to make the process less time consuming.

Remember, you can still write a good resume without experience. Make sure that it is powerful.