Do you want to become a nanny? Do you have the experience and training needed to take care of another person or people? If you do, then it is imperative that you have a resume that is up to par. Don’t take the resume portion of this job for granted because most people will choose their nanny carefully since they will be around their children quite a bit.  

Let's take the inspiration from Marry Poppins' resume below:

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Nanny with over 5+ years of experience providing exceptional care to children aged 2 to 14. Adept at organizing children’s daily schedules, including meals, school, and recreational activities.

(August 1910 - Present)

* Cared for a boy and a girl named Jane and Micheal aged 5 and 8.
* Regarded as kind and nurturing by children, but also fairly stern.
* Organised fun and educational games, read storybooks that increased children's interest in story time.
* Planned outdoor activities, such as walking to the local playground and park.
* Taught the children that work is fun, contact with people in lower class enjoyable, and helping those in need satisfactory.
(July 1908 - July 1910)

* Looked after 2 girls, aged 6 and 10.
* Prepared and served meals with balanced nutrition, ensuring food safety for 6 year old's peanut allergy, while trained in emergency response.
* Meet with parents on a weekly basis to discuss plans for following week, as well as other issues

Blue Ridge Commumity College, Weyers Cave, VA
Associate of Arts in Music

Professional Nanny Certification, 1907
Blue Ridge Nanny Association
(March 1903 - May 1905)

George Banks Banker +12345432345

* English
* German
* Hindi

* Umbrella Flight
* Discipline Children
* Ability to speak to Animals
* Cook
* First Aid
* Practically Perfect in every way.

Below are some useful tips for writing a nanny resume:

Be approachable and Creative:

Most parents are looking for people who are approachable and there's no better way to sound so by being creative in your resume. Add personality to your resume by choosing a font that is clear to read and creative at the same time. If you're applying to agencies, skip the creative part and make sure that your resume is easily readable, as these agencies might be employing some ATS software to filter relevant resumes.

Work experience

Write your nanny experience in chronological order. The focus should also be on mentioning the tasks you handled during your previous experience as nanny. Ensure parents that you :
* Have already taken care of children before.
* Have the ability to teach them useful lessons.
* Are capable of handling emergency situations.


Some essential skills for nanny are patience, organisation, first-aid, cooking, nutrition, creativity, communication and household duties. Make sure you work on these skills and also mention them in your resume as these are needed to support overall health, language, creative and cognitive development of children. However do not be too dramatic with your skills, as our friend Marry Poppins here.


The entry level education for nanny is a high school diploma. However if you've education or certifications for childcare, make sure to point them out. If you have an associate’s degree or higher, make sure to mention it, as it could help set you apart from other applicants